Topical Research Digest

About the Topical Research Digest

Human Rights & Human Welfare is pleased to present the HRHW Topical Research Digest. The content for the digest is developed in a course that is offered through the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, titled “Human Rights Research and Writing.” The Topical Research Digest provides annotated bibliographies of recent literature covering a geographic region or topical area of interest to the study and practice of human rights. It is our intention that the Topical Research Digest provide researchers and scholars with a distillation of topics in an easily accessible format.

We sincerely hope that the Topical Research Digest will be of use to researchers and advocates both inside and outside the human rights field--and that it might demonstrate to others the importance of considering the inextricable link between their respective topics and human rights. We invite your feedback, comments and suggestions about the digest at any time.

For more information please contact Arianna Nowakowski, Instructor and Digest Editor.

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