April 2007: Women's Rights

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

“Women Come Last in Afghanistan ” by Ann Jones. Salon.com. February 6, 2007.

~ The Editors

Rhoda Howard-HassmannOppressing Women: Who Benefits and How?
by Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann

“In a society in which women are mere pieces of property, men monopolize education, employment, and the public sphere. Moreover, however inferior some of these men may feel in public, in private they are petty dictators.”

Randall KuhnGlobal Health and Global Hegemony
by Randall Kuhn

“We must reconcile ourselves to the role of American hegemony in perpetuating the very global inequalities that we hope to in some small way redress."

J. Peter PhamThe Limits of “No-Limit”
by J. Peter Pham

“...the reality which must be recognized is that progress in human rights will be made not so much because outsiders, whether governmental or civil society actors, push it, but because individuals, cultures, and nations appropriate it....”

David L. G. RiceThe Trouble with Rights
by David L. G. Rice

“When weapons-based endeavors are undertaken in the name of human rights, and instead result in violations of those rights, human rights advocates need to be especially careful to keep other modes of action both visible and viable.”

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