August 2007: China & Darfur

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

“How China's Support of Sudan Shields a Regime Called 'Genocidal'" by Danna Harman. Christian Science Monitor. June 26, 2006.

~ The Editors

Judith BlauEnding the Cold War is a Good Place to Start
by Judith Blau

“The reason many accounts in the U.S. media about China is that I feel that many American commentators and journalists [are] unaware of how complicit the U.S. is in the darkest and most grievous affairs around the world."

Harry Kreisler Integrating China into an International Human Rights Regime: The Case of Darfur
by Harry Kreisler

“Without the U.S...Chinese policy will drift...humanitarian intervention often involves strong words by the international community followed up with little action.”

Mahmood Monshipouri China's Africa Strategy: The Puzzle of Trade and Reform
by Mahmood Monshipouri

“This policy undermines the Western policy of demanding transparency, accountability, and respect for human rights.... China’s strategy clearly puts economic interests and civic work above concerns for basic freedoms.”

Ali Wyne Countering Chinese Influence in Sudan by Ali Wyne

“While I would hardly be so naïve as to suggest that a resolution to the ongoing crisis [in Darfur] can readily be achieved, it seems, once again, that the central impediment to one is political will.”

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