November 2007: Disaster Capitalism

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

“Disaster Capitalism: The New Economy of Catastrophe” by Naomi Klein. Harper's. October 2007.

~ The Editors

Richard FalkAmerican Capitalism - Disasterous Consequences?
by Richard A. Falk

"Missing is the possibility of countervailing politics here and elsewhere, from above and below...Looking at world capitalism as a whole, the American economy is being displaced by more constructive forms of profit-making elsewhere in the world that are not linked to 'disaster capitalism.'"

Katherine Gockel If It Were Only that Simple
by Katherine Gockel

“The fact is that a combination of public, private and civil society efforts are usually employed in most of these situations. To lay most of the blame on privatization and business misrepresents reality.”

Michael Goodhart A Democratic Disaster
by Michael Goodhart

“The catalogue of outrages Klein supplies is enough to make even the local chamber of commerce president blush. Yet as I read her piece, I found myself angry not so much with the corporations as with my fellow citizens. How can we allow this to happen?”

Susan Waltz The Personal Side of Disaster Capitalism
by Susan E. Waltz

“A human rights approach has to ensure fullest accountability for public response where lives may hang in the balance, whether by slow rescue (an act of omission), or by use of lethal force (an act of commission).”

Daniel Whelan The End(s) of the State(?)
by Daniel J. Whelan

“What is the oddest consequence of all of this? It is that the logic of free-market privatization has solved the problem of the War on Terrorism by destroying the public, without which there can be no such thing as a “war” (except of the Hobbesian kind).”

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