May 2008: Beijing Olympics

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

"China's Olympic Delusion" by Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom. Nation. March 19, 2008.

~ The Editors

Anna AgathangelouSeductions of Imperialism: Incapacitating Life, Fetishizing Death and Catastrophizing Ecologies
by Anna M. Agathangelou

"It is also crucial to juxtapose the human rights violations with the demands made for the longest time by U.S.-European-Japanese leaders and managers of capital for China to integrate itself into the capitalist production system.”

Thomas BealBeijing's Olympics: Pride, Appearance and Human Rights
by Thomas Beal

"Some wishful thinkers hold out hope.The more likely scenario is that prideful Chinese leaders will continue to act on their obsession with appearance, despite backlash in the court of public opinion.”

Christine BellSport and Politics
by Christine Bell

"I reject the view that we should enforce a separation between politics and sport that does not exist. Sport, and particularly the Olympics, is intrinsically linked with notions of nationality and belonging, and laced with an ethic of fair play and even justice."

Alison Brysk "Instant Karma": How Globalization Contests China's Abuses
by Alison Brysk

"China's long march to global influence may intensify abuse in the short run-but it has the potential to open new pathways for progress in the long run."

Eric Heinze The Olympic Spotlight: The Beijing Games and China as a Future World Leader
by Eric A. Heinze

"By shining the Olympic spotlight on this year's hosts, the world community will be able to judge for itself whether China, as a potential world leader, is going to be worth following."

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