June 2008: Human Rights Council

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

"A Screaming Start: The UN and Human Rights."The Economist. April 24, 2008.

~ The Editors

Sonia CardenasThe Myth of Membership: Reforming the U.N. Human Rights Council
by Sonia Cardenas

"A productive dialogue about reforming the Human Rights Council
should strive to be de-politicized, emphasizing notions of equal
treatment. Who sits on the Council is less important than what they
are permitted to do once there.”

Daniel J. GraeberExile: Why the Human Rights Council Will Not Work
by Daniel J. Graeber

"Only through a level of communal consent can a human rights
regime emerge that will encourage full cooperation. Interaction
between states, not exclusion, is likely to alter the preferences and
behavior of states operating at the margins of normative behavior.”

Eric K. LeonardThe Human Rights Council: A Failure in Global Governance
by Eric K. Leonard

"The flawed state-centric system is the origin of the Council's
problems and until a time in which the global governance structure is
not reliant on states, humanity will continue to fail in its attempt
to protect global human rights."

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