July 2008: Humanitarian Intervention

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

"Armed and Humanitarian" by Bruce Falconer. Mother Jones. May 19, 2008.

~ The Editors

Sonia CardenasMission Creep: De-Militarizing Humanitarian Protection
by Sonia Cardenas

"Overall, the U.S. military's new humanitarianism is problematic. It
is not humanitarian in intent, it is premised on faulty assumptions
about failure in Iraq, and it disregards a global consensus about the
value of multilateralism.”

Daniel J. GraeberWhen Steel and Guns Meets Bread and Butter
by Daniel J. Graeber

"Now, instead of 'shock and awe,' the new face of the U.S. appears to
take lessons learned from the adage of finding native solutions to
native problems.”

Eric K. LeonardReconstructing Sovereignty: From Control to Responsibility
by Eric K. Leonard

"According to this new interpretation of sovereignty, Burma has a
responsibility to protect its citizens, and if it lacks the adequate
resources to fulfill this responsibility, it is incumbent on the
international community to intervene."

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