November 2008: Foreign Policy and the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

“Debunking Foreign Policy Myths." The Nations. October 6, 2008.

~ The Editors

William F. FeliceAmerica as an Ordinary Nation
by William F. Felice

"An effective U.S. foreign policy would recognize these limitations to U.S. power and understand the need for vibrant multilateral cooperation and diplomacy to address the most pressing security issues today, from global terrorism to global warming to the global recession."

Todd LandmanSpeak Softly...With Everyone You Can
by Todd Landman

"Fifty years of human rights achievements that had been originally crafted by Eleanor Roosevelt became undermined in one fell swoop with the establishment of the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay. And it is to the unintended consequences of American foreign policy that I would like a McCain or Obama administration to pay close attention."

James Pattison Myths, Reasonable Disagreement, and a League of Democracies
by James Pattison

"The subsequent impact of the basing of U.S. foreign policy on the protection of human rights worldwide on these egregious lies is well-known, from Guantanamo Bay to the courting of tyrannies as partners in the War on Terror."

Brent J. Steele Human Rights and the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election
by Brent J. Steele

"While it may not be the case that the 'world needs' U.S. leadership, certain areas may not resist it. This is especially the case if either of these men-Obama or McCain-can quickly regain the trust of the world community through a set of policies which approach global problems with honest assessments and earnest commitments."

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