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March 2009: Science and Human Rights

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

“Scientists Come Out for Human Rights” by Sonia Shah. The Nation. January 27, 2009.

~ The Editors

Clair ApodacaScientists Have Been Out for Some Time Now: A Response to Sonia Shah
by Clair Apodaca

“Scientists and other scholars are actually more active in human rights advocacy than many other professional groups or many members of the general public. It is so because their work and research are intricately tied to human rights and human welfare issues.”

Edward FriedmanScientists Promoting Human Rights
by Edward Friedman

"We should welcome the involvement of scientists with a broadened notion of integrated human rights. We should think of new and large contributions by scientists globally on these matters to be crucial to any success in any larger human rights agenda."

Sarah Stanlick Measuring the Unconscionable
by Sarah Stanlick

“One of the greatest challenges faced in the field of human rights is the "proof" needed to prosecute, negotiate, monitor, delegate, or resolve. By using scientific methodology, evidence is given to what is too often dismissed as baseless or subjective."

Christien van den Anker Enlightenment: Science and Human Rights
by Christien van den Anker

“While we must welcome the development of scientists engaging with human rights, we must also remember that this should be a well-embedded practice and encourage the organization to engage with the full list of human rights in the whole world."

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