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December 2008: Examining International Diplomacy and Prosecution in Darfur

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

“The Activist.” Harper's Magazine. November 2008.

~ The Editors

Clair ApodacaPeace without Justice, or Justice without Peace?
by Clair Apodaca

“Seeking justice by ending the impunity for crimes and seeking redress for the victims is the only way to build a stable long-lasting peace. Such justice allows for social reconciliation, restoration and perhaps forgiveness.”

Edward FriedmanHuman Rights or Inhuman Wrongs
by Edward Friedman

"More is at stake in this debate than the fate of millions of innocents in Darfur, though that would be more than enough. The deeper issue is whether the universal human rights agenda in general will even survive, let alone flourish. But should promoters of human rights surrender or struggle?"

Emma Gilligan Challenging the International Criminal Court over al-Bashir
by Emma Gilligan

“The most problematic issue, however, that is not addressed adequately by either McDonell's article or by de Waal himself rests in the question, if not through the ICC, how will the problem of justice be handled for those thousands of victims in Darfur?"

Sarah Stanlick Alex de Waal's Shuttle Diplomacy
by Sarah Stanlick

“The multiplicity of actors, logistical issues, historical grievances, and mistrust has festered in the stalemate to create an environment rife for misunderstanding and miscommunication. The situation is broken, with unclear parties, unclear needs, and an unclear roadmap."

Christien van den AnkerGlobal Ethics and the Role of Academics
by Christien van den Anker

“With their privileged position as lifelong learners they need to assess carefully where they direct their attention for research, their teaching and their exchange of knowledge with the wider public. This means that academic freedom does not only bring a range of rights, it also involves duties to develop and advocate ethical positions on real-life dilemmas and to engage in self-reflection on being in the role of contributing to oppression.”

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