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April 2009: Post-Conflict Reconstruction: The Cambodian Case

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

“Cambodia's Curse” by Joel Brinkley. Foreign Affairs. March/April 2009.

~ The Editors

Charli CarpenterCursing Cambodia
by Charli Carpenter

“Good guys with guns are not a panacea for long-term stability in a country. But sometimes, they are better than nothing.”

Mark GibneyNo Show
by Mark Gibney

"In this particular case, like many others, those who have not forgotten the past are the ones who have been forced to keep repeating it. Those of us who repeatedly do forget the past have not had to repeat it at all."

Tyler MoselleNew Government in Cambodia
by Tyler Moselle

"The truth is that Cambodia’s Curse is a microcosm of international politics and pricks the conscience of many individuals."

Rebecca OtisA Coincidental Trip to Cambodia
by Rebecca Otis

“It would seem that little effort has been made in the nation-building efforts of the Cambodian case...certainly Cambodia is cursed by its past, but where lies the cure?"

Rhona Smith Changing the Culture of Corruption - Do Small Steps Count?
by Rhona Smith

“Developing a culture of mutual respect and equality should lead in time away from a blanket acceptance of insidious corruption as a way of life"

Chandra Lekha Sriram A Curse Not Limited to Cambodia
by Chandra Lekha Sriram

“Institutions ostensibly designed to right past wrongs and promote an end to a culture of impunity instead become tools in political battles by entrenched elites hoping that they can limit their impact."

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