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July 2009: Sri Lanka and Conflict Resolution

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

What Next for Sri Lanka's 2.5 Million Tamils? By Amantha Perera. Time. May 26, 2009.

How to Defeat Insurgencies: Sri Lanka's Bad Example by Bobby Ghosh. Time, May 20, 2009.

~ The Editors

Nicola ColbranMoving in the Open Daylight
by Nicola Colbran

“Human rights will play an important role in this road to peace by providing a politically and ethnically neutral set of principles for negotiation and fostering trust. Human rights can also offer a framework for commitment to a lasting and just peace.”

Shareen HertelMoving Beyond Conflict in Sri Lanka: The Economic Rights Dimension
by Shareen Hertel

"Over the long term, the country must forge institutional reforms that will allow for meaningful “power-sharing” arrangements aimed at diminishing inter-ethnic tensions and fostering a higher level of social inclusion for historically marginalized groups."

Anja MihrThe War Goes On - No Reconciliation at this Stage
by Anja Mihr

"To recall the country’s international commitments could foster the process of transitional justice and implement the rule of law and thus strengthen democratic institutions."

William Paul SimmonsJustice after War: Sri Lanka and the Rights and Duties of a Vanquisher
by William Paul Simmons

“Sri Lanka’s civil war may have come to a close but the conditions that precipitated it remain. Tamils are still not fully integrated into the larger Sri Lankan society and their demands for semi-autonomy are still mostly unheard."

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