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August 2009: Iran's Uprising and New Technologies

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

The Two Faces of Twitter: Revolution in a Digital Age. By Darrell West. The Huffington Post. July 30, 2009.

~ The Editors

Nicola ColbranTwitter and YouTube: Positive Developments for Human Rights Protection?
by Nicola Colbran

“Instant messaging and social network services can communicate human rights violations as they unfold in a succinct manner to a wide audience, both domestic and international. An example is the information sent via Twitter and YouTube indicating violence, arbitrary detentions and killings following the elections in Iran.”

Shareen HertelProtest, Iranian Style: A Two-Way Conversation?
by Shareen Hertel

"The West underplays the importance of social networking for cracking the monolith of Iran-and the implications for human rights of the unfolding dialogue in words and images."

Anja MihrWho is Quicker - the Hacker or the Twitter?
by Anja Mihr

"For a moment we believed that we had entered into a new era of democratic movement. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google-chat have given proof that regardless where people live, what background they have, what system they adhere to or what religion they practice: they want to share the injustice and violence that happens to them with the world."

William Paul SimmonsStop the Revolution, Michael Jackson is Dead!
by William Paul Simmons

“Real change will take leaders willing to tackle the messy job of coalition building. It will take leaders willing to see beyond self-interest and be ready to risk their lives for the good of the country and its people."

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