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September 2009: Democratic Republic of Congo: Humanitarian Crisis and the International Community

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

The Rape of the Congo. By Adam Hochschild. The New York Review of Books. August 13, 2009.

~ The Editors

Nicola ColbranNatural Resources and Wealth of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): Of Benefit to Whom?
by Nicola Colbran

“International law and human rights protection is premised on the basis of state obligations, and the responsibility of a State to protect the human rights of its citizens. If there is no functioning State, who will protect its citizens and how?”

Shareen HertelFrom Armchair Reading to Action: Acknowledging Our Role in the Horror of the Democratic Republic of the Congo - and Doing Something about It
by Shareen Hertel

"The first step is to recognize our own part in the suffering. For those in the Western industrialized world, it is important to remember that this territory was a prized colonial possession of European powers and a Cold War ally of the United States."

Anja MihrIf They Just Weren't So Rich!
by Anja Mihr

"The deadliest war on earth-as it is called-in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will only end when the country's richness fades or is kept under surveillance. Human rights and peace might have a chance if Congo's lucrative diamond, gold or coltan mines were under shared control by non-profit agencies or international organizations..."

William Paul SimmonsHuman Rights Law on Trial in the DRC
by William Paul Simmons

“Without a comprehensive approach to the region's tragedies they will continue to mutate into new forms that will not be capture-able by human rights law."

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