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October 2009: Women’s Human Rights

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

The Women's Crusade. By Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. The New York Times Magazine. August 17, 2009.

~ The Editors

Cath Collins"The Female Entrepreneur"?
by Cath Collins

“This article begs at least as many questions as it raises, but to my mind the falsest note it strikes has to do with the argument that women’s status as a legitimate development priority is not inherent. Rather, they are a convenient vehicle for targeting because they are responsible, family-centred—self-sacrificing, therefore—and, even better, potential capitalists too.”

Katherine HiteViolence in the House
by Katherine Hite

"If we are to imagine that another world for women is possible, we need to globalize the atrocities, which mean a fair share of self-implication, confronting our own dirty laundry, putting our house in order as we lecture about what must be done elsewhere."

Stephen JamesA Few Drops of Oil Will Not be Enough
by Stephen James

"What are the causes of the disparities between the developed and developing world? These cannot be explored in this short reflection, but a focus on the individual capacities and self-reliance of women who can by their own imagination, creativity, energy and efforts turn their families and communities around through entrepreneurship is a rather romantic account. While our hearts are warmed by such inspirational stories they are exceptional stories: most women in their shoes do not overcome the extraordinary odds stacked against them."

Henry KrischFrom Outrage to Action
by Henry Krisch

“The resistance of political authority, economic privilege and gender-based power and customs will be difficult to overcome. Long term gains will require immediate political costs. Who will pay them? What strategies will provide economic and political tools on a large scale? What ideas will reconcile emerging women’s rights with embedded patriarchic privilege?"

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