Roundtable Panels - 2010

Panel A


Richard Burchill
Anthony Chase
Kurt Mills
Anna Talbot

January 2010

Minaret Ban and Human Rights
Article under review: “My Compatriots' Vote to Ban Minarets is Fuelled by Fear” by Tariq Ramadan. The Guardian. November 29, 2009.

February 2010

Haiti’s Human Rights Challenges and the Responsibility of the International Community
Article under review: “Tragedy and Opportunity for Haiti” by Kara C. Mc Donald. Council on Foreign Relations. January 14, 2010.

March 2010

Article under review: “The ICC's Blunder on Sudan” by Nesrine Malik. The Guardian. February 4, 2010.

Panel B


David Akerson
Sonia Cardenas
Todd Landman
James Pattison

April 2010

Genocide and US National Interests
Article under review: “How Genocide Became a National Security Threat” by Michael Abramowitz & Lawrence Woocher. Foreign Policy. February 26, 2010.

May 2010

The Downfall of Human Rights?
Article under review: “The Downfall of Human Rights” by Joshua Kurlantzick. Newsweek. February 19, 2010.

July 2010

The United Nations and Human Rights
Articles under review:

Panel C


Alison Brysk
Par Engstrom
Marc Alexander C. Gionet
Erin Mooney

August 2010

Human Rights & Foreign Policy
Article under review: “A humane nation is a safer nation” by Tom Porteous. The Guardian. July 7, 2010.

October 2010

MDGs & Human Rights
Article under review: “The UN millennium development goals can be put back on track” by Philippe Douste-Blazy. The Guardian. September 5, 2010.

November 2010

Multiculturalism & Integration

Articles under review:
“Germany's Integration Blinkers. What's So Bad About Parallel Societies?” by Henryk M. Broder, Spiegel Online, November 20, 2010

“Angela Merkel: German Multiculturalism has Utterly Failed,” by Matthew Weaver, The Guardian, October 17, 2010


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