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October 2010: MDGs & Human Rights

Introduction to the Month's Focal Piece Editor's introduction: MDGs & Human Rights

Article under review:

Alison BryskDevelopment as Power
by Alison Brysk

"The Millennium Goals are a wonderful way to focus world attention and political pressure on the development gap.  While new mechanisms and modalities for transferring resources are a good first step, real progress requires deeper understanding of the power distortions that cause the gap.  The most effective programs will be those that redistribute power, not just wealth.  And the best way to construct new policies is not just to ‘follow the money,’ but ‘follow the power’."

Par EngstromThe MDGs and the (New) International Economic Order
by Par Engstrom

"“(…)as the emerging economies continue to grow, they will have to manage increasing expectations that they should play a more active and forceful role in the foreign aid regime and that they should shoulder a greater burden in response to humanitarian emergencies, for example. This has significant implications for the foreign aid regime, as one cannot assume that emerging powers will simply be absorbed into the current global order."

Marc Alexander C. GionetMDG: Reinvigoration or Mourning?
by Marc Alexander C. Gionet

"The international community still has a remarkable degree of separation between current achievement and MDG expectations to resolve over the coming five years. Only by shifting the narrative from that of selective championed goals to obligatory holistic achievement will the international community be able to compensate for the currently lagging effort. "


Erin MooneyThe Misnomer of MDGs? When Goals are Rights
by Erin Mooney

“More fundamentally, what is required is to recognize that the MDGs are not merely ‘goals’ to aim for, hitting or missing as the case may be. Rather, they are about realizing rights which governments, individually and collectively, have pre-existing legal obligations to uphold and ensure."

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