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January 2011: The Haiti Earthquake, One Year Later

Introduction to the Month's Focal Piece Editor's introduction: The Haiti Earthquake, One Year Later

Haiti's Blame Game” by Poooja Bhatia. Foreign Policy. November 23 2010.



Christina CernaThe Scourge of Occupation
by Christina Cerna

“Notably, MINUSTAH’s mandate does not contemplate substituting itself for the government of Haiti , so it should not be perceived as an occupying power as perhaps UNTAC or other UN missions might have been. MINUSTAH has no mandate to draft a constitution , adopt laws, conduct trials or perform any other governmental functions. So while elections might seem like an expensive , useless distraction, they are the essential sine qua non for maintaining Haitian sovereignty (…)”

Louis Edgar EsparzaBring Back Aristide
by Louis Edgar Esparza

“It is that now, just as then, when others struggle to improve their own lives, foreign powers often intervene to stymie development, to exploit labor, or to extract resources. Recent events in Haiti illustrate this sad ontological reality of global relations that people around the world are working every day to subvert.”

Robert FunkEarthquakes and Expectations in Haiti and Chile
by Robert Funk

“Chile’s vast experience with earthquakes can teach Haitians that these events have long-lasting and often unintended consequences. They engrave images into the public consciousness and contribute to the creation of institutions that can survive for generations. Haitian officials and the international agencies charged with the task of helping them should keep this in mind as they continue the rebuilding efforts.”


Walter LotzeThe Perils of Walking Fast and Walking Far
by Walter Lotze

“For the next Haitian president, life will not be easy. He will need to be seen by the Haitian people to be far more assertive with the international community so present in the country without alienating the internationals that provide such critical support to Haitians who still remain in desperate need. If the balance is not struck just right, Haitians could soon be throwing more than just refuse and rubble at MINUSTAH and the Haitian government.”

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