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June 2011: Human Rights in Central America


Introduction to the Month's Focal Piece Editor's introduction: Human Rights in Central America

The Tormented Isthmus ”. The Economist. April 14 2011.



Brooke AckerlyThe Hearts and Minds of the Citizens
by Brooke Ackerly

“If the US contributes increased military support to Guatemala under the premise of curtailing the drug trade, it could inadvertently further destabilize this already politically unstable country … Concerns about destabilization in Guatemala (and Central America more generally) and the role of this destabilization in facilitating the drug trade have led the Economist to suggest that the solution is to increase military foreign aid to Guatemala.”

Edzia CarvalhoGeneric Wish-lists for State-centric Policies
by Edzia Carvalho

“However, missing from this assessment of the state of Central America are three elements: the impracticalities of an “everything but the kitchen sink” approach to complex issues; the limitations of state-centric solutions; and the role of domestic and international actors in assisting with the direction and implementation of such solutions.”

Jonas ClaesConflict Resolution Agenda: Approaching its Expiration Date
by Jonas Claes

“The prioritization of political violence over criminal violence seems morally unjustified considering that the killing rates in Guatemala and El Salvador are higher now than during the civil wars that ended in the 1990s. Despite similarities in the causes, manifestations, and consequences of both long-standing security challenges, violent political conflict remains an analytically distinct security challenge worthy of its own study.”


Devin JoshiA Centrist Solution to Central American Violence and Inequality
by Devin Joshi

“Unfortunately, too often in the past the US government has leaned too far to the right, being more concerned about what narrow special interests could take from the region than with planting the seeds for long-term mutual gains. A willingness to also ally with the poor as opposed to only the elite of Central America might offer the best chance for stable long-term peace and development.”


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