November 2011: The Palestine Bid for Statehood at the UN



Introduction to the Month's Focal Piece Editor's introduction: The Palestine Bid for Statehood at the UNs

Statehood versus “Facts on the Ground””.  By Richard Falk. Aljazeera, September 20, 2011.



Claudia HeissHard Times for Peace Between Two Internally Divided Societies 
by Claudia Heiss

“At stake in this debate are at least two problematic issues: the question of Palestinian governance and the construction of collective identity in deeply complex and divided societies, as the Palestinian and Israeli societies are. While the boundaries of sovereignty may be reduced to the establishment of clear borders and of authorities capable of monopolizing the coercive apparatus of the state, solidarity between its members is a much more subjective and difficult issue.”


Therese O'DonnellThe Sum of the Parts
by Therese O'Donnell

“Self-determination of a people is unquestionable. But what is equally clear is that self-determination itself is complex, fraught, evolving, and its consequences are unknowable. That always cuts both ways.”


Thomas PegramThe US on the Palestinian Statehood Bid: Weighing the Costs
by Thomas Pegram

“The difficulties encountered by the Obama administration in pursuing a policy deeply at odds with much of the international community in the "Global South," and the possible costs to the US and its regional allies and clients—both foreseeable and unintended—of opposing the largely symbolic Palestinian bid at the UN, certainly raise the question: what is the payoff?”


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