Africa and Human Rights

HRHW is proud to present a special Roundtable on human rights issues in Africa with contributions from Ines Mzali and Walter Lotze. The Fall Roundtable responds to Ben Rawlence's article at Project Syndicate on "Kenya's Somali Contradiction."

On the Roundtable

The Roundtable is part of an ongoing effort to utilize our online format to its fullest extent and provide an arena for intellectual dialogue on matters of great international importance. Toward this end, every quarter we assemble an interdisciplinary panel of academics, policy-makers and practitioners with interest and expertise in foreign affairs from varied disciplines. This approach is unique in its attempt to present a truly diverse field of commentators who see world affairs through their particular lenses.

Panelists are commissioned for one to up to three Roundtables. HRHW editors select a different focal article from a widely-read publication (e.g., Foreign Affairs, Harper's or the New York Times Magazine) that addresses an issue or event with clear human rights implications. The panelists' responsibility is to reflect on the article chosen by and compose a short response paper.

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