About the Roundtable

HRHW is proud to present the Roundtable as part of an ongoing effort to utilize our online format to its fullest extent and provide an arena for intellectual dialogue on matters of great international importance.

Toward this end, every month we will assemble an interdisciplinary panel of academics, policy-makers and practitioners with interest and expertise in foreign affairs from varied disciplines (e.g., sociology, anthropology, journalism, economics, philosophy, political science, international relations, literature, etc.). This approach is unique in its attempt to present a truly diverse field of commentators who see world affairs through their particular lenses. This way, the Roundtable puts forth work that is able to highlight angles and nuances otherwise elusive in media that focuses strictly on any one field of study.

HRHW envisions the Roundtable as a forum that fills the gaps between the mainstream media (i.e., network and cable news programs, etc.), the “blogosphere,” and academic journals. While the stylistic and substantive approaches of each has value, some are oversimplified, some unreliable and some inaccessible for an increasingly interested public.

Panelists for the Roundtable are commissioned for a three month term. HRHW editors select a different focal article each month from a widely-read publication (e.g., Foreign Affairs, Harper’s or the New York Times Magazine) that addresses an issue or event with clear human rights implications. The panelists’ responsibility is to reflect on the article chosen by and compose a short response paper. This will take place on a structured monthly cycle because one of our main goals with this project is to remain relevant and discuss articles that are timely.

To put it another way, the Roundtable will be a forum for its panelists to express opinions of and insights into pressing international concerns in a manner that is akin to a newspaper editorial. We are striving to create a hybrid-style combining formal, professional work with the timeliness and accessibility of a blog. However, unlike a blog, our editorial review process will guarantee that the Roundtable will not face the skepticism of the unfiltered “blogosophere.”

For more information please contact Claudia Fuentes Julio, Roundtable Editor.

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