Fall 2013: Africa and Human Rights


 Introduction to the Month's Focal Piece Editor's introduction: Africa and Human Rights

Kenya’s Somali Contradiction” Ben Rawlence. Project Syndicate. September 30, 2013.


Walter LotzeLeaving a Legacy
by Walter Lotze

“If the threat posed by Al Shabaab and deep-seated historical grievances are to be meaningfully addressed, and lasting human security in Somalia to be attained, all international engagement, every strategy and compact and framework, should put one thing first: the ability of the Somali people to articulate and drive the process.”


Ines MzaliSomali Battlegrounds: On Interest and Accountability 
by Ines Mzali

“If there has been acknowledgement that the presence of Kenyan forces has helped secure some areas in southern Somalia, a retaliation through indiscriminate attacks and more human rights abuses will only provoke hostility and confirm Kenyan presence as an occupying force.”



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