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72. The Right to Food under Hugo Chávez by Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann


71. The Ethics Of ‘Responsibility While Protecting’: BRAZIL, The Responsibility To Protect, And Guidelines For Humanitarian Intervention by Dr James Pattison



70. Corruption and Human Rights: Exploring the Relationships by Berihun Adugna Gebeye

69. European Chemicals Agency and Good Governance by BJÖRN ÞÓR RÖGNVALDSSON & KONSTANTINOS G. MARGARITIS

68. Reconsidering the Right to Own Property by Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann*

*Final version is published in Journal of Human Rights, vol. 12, no.2, 2013



67. Engendering Haiti’s Reconstruction: The Legal and Economic Case for Mainstreaming Women in Post-Disaster Programming by Jennifer S. Rosenberg

Keywords: Haiti, gender mainstreaming, development, post-disaster, women’s rights, reconstruction.

66. Women in Afghanistan: A Human Rights Tragedy Ten Years after 9/11 by Hayat Alvi

Keywords: Afghanistan, Women, Human Rights, Maternal Health, Misogyny, Taliban, Northern Alliance, NATO, UN.

65. European Union accession to the European Convention on Human Rights: an institutional “marriage”by Konstantinos G. Margaritis

Keywords: EU accession to ECHR, ECHR institutions, judicial relations among members of ECHR, human rights in Europe.

 64. Human Rights, Health Sector Abuse and Corruption by Brigit Toebes

Keywords: health sector abuse and corruption, access to healthcare, health rights.



62. Human Rights Education in Peace-building: A Look at Where the Practice Has Come from, and Where It Needs to Head by Tracey Holland

Keywords: human rights education; peace-building; democratization; conflict resolution.


61. In Search of an "Action Principle" by Patrick J. Glen.

Keywords: responsibility to protect, international criminal law, United Nations Security Council, unilateralism, multilateralism.

60. Tunisia–The Imprisonment of Fahem Boukadous (Part One of a series) by Rob Prince

Keywords: human rights; Tunisia.

59. Teaching Notes: Rights and Rebuilding in El Salvador by Elaine K. Denny & Susan Waltz

Keywords: El Salvador; Truth Commission; transitional justice; economic social and cultural rights; post-conflict development; peace process.

58. Rights and Rebuilding in El Salvador: A Case Study in Two Parts by Elaine K. Denny & Susan Waltz

Keywords: El Salvador; Truth Commission; transitional justice; economic social and cultural rights; post-conflict development; peace process.

57. Necessary Fictions: Indigenous Claims and the Humanity of Rights by Peter Fitzpatrick

Keywords: fictions; humanity; indigenous rights.

56. The Principled Case for Employing Private Military and Security Companies in Humanitarian Interventions and Peacekeeping by Deane-Peter Baker and James Pattison

Keywords: private military and security companies;, humanitarian intervention; peacekeeping; soldier-state contract; conscription; fiduciary obligations.


55. Repression and Punishment in North Korea: Survey Evidence of Prison Camp Experiences by Stephen Haggard and Marcus Noland

Keywords: North Korea; prison camps; political repression; refugees.

54. A Human Rights-Oriented Approach to Military Operations by Federico Sperotto.

Keywords: Military operations; self-defense; proportionality.

53. The Responsibility to Protect: Three Pillars and Four Crimes by Heraldo Muñoz.

Keywords:Responsibility to Protect; R2P; implementation; humanitarian intervention; genocide; war crimes; ethnic cleansing.

52. Customary Law and Human Rights in Botswana by Dr. Rekha A. Kumar.

Keywords: Customary law; Botswana; democracy; international instruments; domestic application; chieftainship; gender issues.

51. Intent: Ius In Bello Norms in Just War Theory The Case of the War in Gaza in 2009 by Howard Adelman.

Keywords: Ius in Bello; Just War Theory; Gaza; Israel; 2009 war; international ethics.

50. Darfur, In Search of Peace: Exploring Viable Solutions to the Darfur Crisis by Dr. George Shepherd, Dr. Peter Van Arsdale, Negin Sobhani, Nicole Tanner & Frederick Agyeman-Duah.

Keywords: Darfur; African perspectives; consultations in peace; Africa Today Associates, Inc.


49. A Holistic Approach for Promoting the Rule of Law by Josef Bucher.

Keywords: rule of law, globalization, institutions, legitimacy, legal theory, civil society

48. The International Security Presence in Kosovo and the Protection of Human Rights by Federico Sperotto.

Keywords: KFOR; peacekeeping


47. Law in Times of War: the Case of Chechnya by Dr. Federico Sperotto

Keywords: internal armed conflict; right to life; emergency powers

46. Can Historical Institutionalism Resolve the Limits of the “Many Hands” Dilemma?: Institutional Accountability through the EU’s and the IMF’s Codes of Conduct by Sarah Bania-Dobyns *

Keywords: EU; accountability; "Many Hands"; ethics; historical institutionalism

45. Who Intervenes and Why it Matters: The Problem of Agency in Humanitarian Intervention by Eric A. Heinze *

Keywords: humanitarian Intervention; agency; consequentialism; Darfur

44. Accommodating Indigenous Peoples within the Human Rights Regime:
The Case of Awas Tingni v. Nicaragua
by Amy E. Eckert

Keywords: indigenous peoples; communitarianism; liberalism; land rights; Inter-American Human Rights System

43. U.S. Policy on Small Arms Transfers: A Human Rights Perspective by Susan Waltz (Revised October 13, 2007).

Keywords: U.S. arms transfer policy; small arms and light weapons; SALW; humanitarian catastrophes; war on terror; arms embargoes; Arms Trade Treaty

42. Human Rights Education: The Third Leg of Post-Conflict/Transitional
by David E. Guinn JD, PhD

Keywords: post-conflict justice; transitional justice; human rights
education; retributive justice; compensatory justice; restorative justice;
truth and reconciliation

41. Violations of Human Rights during Military Operations in Chechnya by Dr. Federico Sperotto

Keywords: right to life; internal armed conflict; public emergency;
distinction; proportionality; indiscriminate attack

* Presented by the International Ethics section of ISA as Collective Responsibility in International Relations, at the 2007 ISA Convention in Chicago, IL


39. Historical Background: Evolution of the International Criminal Law,
Individual Criminal Accountability and the Idea of A Permanent International
by Cenap Cakmak.

Keywords: international criminal law; international criminal court (ICC);
evolution of the idea of ICC; state sovereignty

38. Beyond Bankovic: Extraterritorial Application of the European Convention
on Human Rights
by Federico Sperotto.

Keywords: territorial jurisdiction; extraterritorial act; European legal space;
overall effective control; personal jurisdiction

37. (Not Yet) Taking Rights Seriously: The House of Lords in Belgium v. Headteacher and Governors of Denbigh High School by Gareth Davies.

Keywords: freedom of religion; freedom of expression; freedom of speech;
United Kingdom; Europe; church and state; secularity; education and religion;

36. Labor’s Human Rights: A Review of the Nature and Status of Core Labor Rights as Human Rights by Roy J. Adams.

Keywords: core labor rights; collective bargaining; unions; child labor;
forced labor; freedom of association; employment discrimination

35. Child Labor through a Human Rights Glass Brightly by Burns H. Weston
and Mark B. Teerink.

Keywords: child labor; children's rights; child empowerment; human dignity; sovereignty; international law; international labor organization; ILO; UNICEF

33. The Relative Universality of Human Rights (Revised) by Jack Donnelly.

Keywords: universality; cultural relativism; theory; history; law

32. Is Humanity Enough? The Secular Theology of Human Rights by Peter Fitzpatrick.

Keywords: humanity and the human; death of God; secular theology; universality; liberations


30. International Agenda-Setting in World Politics: Issue Emergence and Non-Emergence Around Children and Armed Conflict by R. Charli Carpenter.

Keywords: children, armed conflict, sexual violence, norms, networks,

28. Hijacked Justice: Domestic Appropriation of International Norms by Jelena Suboti.

Keywords: international norms, transitional justice, international justice, international norm diffusion

27. When Domestic Resistance Outweighs International Influence: The Struggle for Human Rights and Democracy in Kenya 1987-2002 by Robert Press.*

26. The United States and Economic and Social Rights: Past, Present...and
by Daniel J. Whelan.*

25. State Compliance with Human Rights Norms: The Importance of
International Reputation for Guiding State Action
by Jennifer Ramos and Dana Zartner Falstrom.*

24. Aiding Whom? Competing Explanations of Middle-Power Foreign Aid
by Bethany A. Barrat.*

23. Human Rights (entry in the Oxford Handbook of Political Theory, forthcoming 2006) by Jack Donnelly.

Keywords: human rights definitions, sources, history, theoretical controversies, justice and politics

22. International Humanitarianism in the Contemporary World: Forms and Issues by David P. Forsythe.

Keywords: Sovereignty, war and political conflict, history, International Committee of the Red Cross, United Nations and humanitarianism

* Presented as a Foreign Policy Goal: Rhetoric, Realism and Results, in the 2005 ISA Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii.


21. Human Rights and State Sovereignty by Jack Donnelly.

Keywords: Sovereignty, intervention, Westphalia, genocide

20. Human Rights and the Neo-Conservative Project: What's Not to Like?
by Tom J. Farer.

Keywords: George W. Bush, US Foreign Policy, American Hegemony, Neoconservatism, Iraq

19. Respecting, Protecting and Fulfilling Economic and Social Human Rights:
A UN Economic Security Council?
by William Felice.

Keywords: United Nations, Economic and Social Rights, Poverty, International Organizations

18. A More Original Position: Toleration in John Rawls' Law of Peoples by Amy Eckert.

Keywords: International Law, Hegemony, Morality and Power


15. Laborious Law by Bas de Gaay Fortman.

Keywords: Political Economy, Legal Philosophy, Principles of Justice, Law, Morality and Power

12. The Universal Declaration Model of Human Rights: A Liberal Defense by Jack Donnelly.

Keywords: Universal Declaration, Liberalism, Overlapping Consensus, Group Rights, Minorities, the State

9. Swallowing Injustice to Build Community: Latin America After the Era of State Terror by Tom J. Farer.

Keywords: Latin America, Democratic Transitions, State Terror, (In)justice, Community, Argentina, Guatemala

6. A Structural-cyclic Model of Development in Human Rights by Wolfgang Dietrich.

Keywords: Theory, History, Peace, Universality, Capitalism, Deconstruction, Societal Time

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