Published Papers

Where applicable, full publication detail is listed, including direct links to abstacts and/or papers. Some of these may require a subscription for access to the full paper.

Papers are listed in reverse chronological order:

  • Reconsidering the Right to Own Property by Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann. Journal of Human Rights, vol. 12, no.2, 2013.
  • Women in Afghanistan by Hayat Alvi. Middle East Review of International Affairs, September 2012.
  • Human Security: Undermining Human Rights? by Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann. Human Rights Quarterly, 34, 1, 2012, pp. 88-112.
  • The West, Economic and Social Rights, and the Global Human Rights
    Regime: Setting the Record Straight
    by Daniel J. Whelan and Jack Donnelly. Human Rights Quarterly - Volume 29, Number 4, November 2007, pp. 908-949.

  • US Policy on Small Arms Transfers:A Human Rights Perspective by Susan Waltz

  • Human Rights Disparities between Europe and the United States: Conflicting Approaches to Poverty Prevention and the Alleviation of Suffering by William Felice. Forthcoming in the Cambridge Review of International Studies 19.1 (March 2006): 79-104.

  • International Human Rights Law as Power/Knowledge by Tony Evans. Human Rights Quarterly 27.3 (2005): 1046-1068.

  • Moral Integrity and Reparations for Africa by Rhoda Howard-Hassmann. In John Torpey, ed., Politics and the Past: On Repairing Historical Injustices. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield (2003): 193-215.

  • Blaming the Victims? The Challenge of Minority Return in Bosnia-Herzegovina by Roberto Belloni. East European Human Rights Review 8.1 (2002): 1-43.

  • Comparative Politics and Human Rights
    by Todd Landman. Human Rights Quarterly 24.4 (2002): 890-923.

  • The Gay Cousin: Learning to Accept Gay Rights by Rhoda Howard-Hassmann. Journal of Homosexuality 42.1 (2001): 127-49.

  • Symbolic Closure through Memory, Reparation and Revenge in Post-Conflict Societies
    by Richard Wilson and Brandon Hamber. Journal of Human Rights 1.1 (2002): 35-53.

  • Canadians Discuss Freedom of Speech: Individual Rights Versus Group Protection
    by Rhoda Howard-Hassmann. International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 7.2 (2000): 109-138.

  • Building Civil Society in Bosnia-Herzegovina
    by Roberto Belloni. Journal of Peace Research 38.2 (2001): 163-180.

  • "Ethics and International Human Rights," by Jack Donnelly. In Ethics and International Affairs: Extent and Limits edited by Danny Warner and Jean-Marc Coicaud. Tokyo: United Nations University Press, 2001.
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