Working Papers

Distribution Policies

Posted papers will remain on the site for 18 months from the time of posting. Up to two revised versions may be substituted for the original posting. The URL will be revised to reflect the revision but the original version ordinarily will not be retained on the server.

Authors may at any time request that their work be removed from the site. Such requests will be honored within 10 days.

Anyone may read, download, print, or distribute any paper, so long as it is not modified in any form. Papers that are circulated by readers must include the HRHW Working Papers cover page.

All authors retain copyright of their work. If an author requests that his or her work not be quoted in print without prior permission (a request that is reflected on the cover page), we encourage you to respect her wishes. HRHW will not be held liable for breaches of copyright held by authors.

If citation or quotation is allowed by the author, please follow the following citation example, including the access date:

Smith, Jane. 2004. "Forensic Evidence of Mass Graves in Afghanistan." Unpublished paper, Human Rights & Human Welfare Working Papers website. URL: Accessed on May 5, 2004.
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