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Josef Korbel School of International Studies Humanitarian Assistance Program

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Past Events

Student Internship Panels

In Fall of 2013, the Humanitarian Assistance Program held three panels featuring current certificate students.  Students were asked to present on their summer internship experiences, how they acquired their internships, and how their coursework at the Josef Korbel School enhanced their experience.

Students interned with a variety of organizations in the U.S. and abroad.  During the panels, students noted that their internships and coursework confirmed their goals of working in the humanitarian field.  Here's what some students had to say.

"ThHumanitarian Assistance Student Teresa Baranowskie HA certificate was really helpful in preparing me for my internship, but especially Health and Humanitarian Aid for teaching me how to write concise yet informative briefs on a schedule. That really came in handy."

Teresa Baranowski
Save the Children, Washington DC
Policy and Advocacy Intern, International Humanitarian Response

"The core classes I took for the certificate helped prepare me for my internship in a couple of ways. I learned about important resources such as Financial Tracking Service and ReliefWeb, both of which I used extensively during my internship. In addition, they gave me a good understanding of the structure of the humanitarian system and some of the issues facing them which gave me an advantage over other interns coming in without this information."

Christi Yoder
InterAction, Washington DC
Humanitarian Policy and Practice Intern

"I understand that I am more of a field work kind of person nowHumanitarian Assistance Student Laura Lloyd-Braff. I need to continue to improve my knowledge of both public health and humanitarian assistance."

Laura Lloyd-Braff
WHO Western Pacific Regional Headquarters (WPRO),
Manila, Philippines
Emergency and Humanitarian Action (EHA) Unit

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