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Josef Korbel School of International Studies Humanitarian Assistance Program

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Practical Skills

Internship Profiles

Kelly O'Connor – Oxfam America

Humanitarian Assistance Student Kelly O'ConnorBoston, MA
Humanitarian Research Intern

I conducted research and analysis on bilateral donor support for local and national humanitarian capacity building, focusing on Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden and the European Commission. My research culminated in a report which I submitted to Oxfam America's Humanitarian Response Department to inform its advocacy efforts.

Why did you choose this internship?

After a little encouragement from Professor Reis, I decided to apply for this research-oriented internship for three reasons:

  1. It was with a large international relief and development agency that adheres to the humanitarian principles of impartiality, humanity and independence, but one that also has an advocacy mandate (which fits well with my MA in Human Rights);
  2. It was an opportunity to gain experience at the HQ level, which would complement my experience working in the field;
  3. And it was an internship where I would be working on a substantive topic and would have the opportunity to produce an actionable end product.

After her internship, Kelly was offered a position and continues to work for Oxfam America.

Greg Cormier – Save the Children

Humanitarian Assistance Student Greg CormierWashington, DC
Emergency Logistics, Department of Humanitarian Response

I dealt with procurement and delivery for Save the Children US and Save the Children International commodities for country offices.

How do you think it will affect your career path?

I have been awarded a position in the Department of Humanitarian Response as "Specialist: Food Assistance." Though this is not exactly what I would like to do for an extended period of time, it is a really phenomenal learning opportunity to work with the WFP portfolio with regards to Crisis Response.

After the completion of his internship, Greg was offered a temporary position with Save the Children and has been deployed to the Philippines.

Deborah Nicol – UNICEF

Humanitarian Assistance Student Deborah NicolThe Philippines
Child Protection Intern

My internship focused primarily on Community Based Child Protection Networks. I researched case studies and interviewed key participants for a report which  will be used as a tool for addressing Grave Child Rights Violations. I also participated in workshops addressing Monitoring and Reporting Mechanisms, Violence Against Children, and Lessons Learned following emergency response to Typhoon Bopha.

What did you take into the internship from your classes or experiences at Korbel?

The core HA courses proved to be a great asset: HA Systems and Policies, Field Operations and the crisis simulation, in particular. All of these provided me with a good foundational knowledge of the UN system and field processes.

Deborah is currently interning with the Child Protection Working Group in Geneva.


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