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Josef Korbel School of International Studies Humanitarian Assistance Program

Josef Korbel building

Current Students

Arhin Acheampong


Arhin is an MA candidate for International Security, specializing in Intelligence – Counter-terrorism Strategies. He is also pursuing a Certificate in Humanitarian Assistance with a focus on refugees. He is interested in studying vulnerable populations, especially refugees and how they can be targets of terrorist organizations.

While at Michigan State University for his bachelor's degree, Arhin studied Criminal Justice and did an additional major in Global Studies with a concentration in International Development. His interest in security and Humanitarian Assistance drove him to also take minors in Peace and Justice Studies, and Security Management.

In 2016, he interned with the NEPAD Agency in South Africa, working in the Communications Department. Among other things, he developed a database of all the missions in South Africa and all African missions in New York, Geneva, Washington, D.C and Rome to facilitate communication.

As part of his political and social engagement, Arhin has participated in the Annual Model African Union Summit in Washington, D.C., the G20&G200 Summit in Germany, as well as conducted eye-screening and eye treatment exercises for community folks in the Northern Region of Ghana.