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Josef Korbel School of International Studies Humanitarian Assistance Program

Josef Korbel building

Current Students

Nadia Iranpour

Nadia Iranpour is an MA candidate studying International Human Rights with a certificate in Humanitarian Assistance. Nadia is deeply interested in refugee assistance as well as public diplomacy and policymaking.

Nadia Iranpour

Nadia is originally from Iran and can speak Farsi. After growing up in Colorado, she attended Colorado State University to study History and Peace and Reconciliation Studies. She has participated in extensive volunteer work related to homelessness and poverty and is passionate about protecting liberties for vulnerable populations. Nadia is deeply interested in Foreign Service and diplomacy and hopes to use future expertise in Humanitarian Assistance to utilize the power of the United States to implement beneficial programs in other nations. Nadia has spent time in Guatemala learning about rights and resistance movements of the Mayan people and is very interested in the current issues that indigenous peoples experience.

In her free time, Nadia enjoys hiking, cycling, paddleboarding, and running as well as discovering more about the beautiful state she is lucky to live in. Nadia is also an avid fan of reading and baking. She is making solid plans to visit every country that starts with an I.