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IPPS to Join Josef Korbel School for International Studies

A Special Message from Richard Caldwell

October 12, 2015

Dear Students, Alumni, Colleagues, and Friends:

Under the leadership of Richard Caldwell, Director of the Graduate and Undergraduate Programs at the Institute for Public Policy Studies (IPPS), former three-term Colorado Governor and University Professor, Richard Lamm, and Christopher Hill, Dean of the Korbel School of International Studies, a transition has begun that will result in the integration of IPPS academic programs with those of Korbel, in Academic Year 2016-2017. When construction is completed in Spring 2016, IPPS will be headquartered in the beautiful new Sie International Relations Complex

According to Professor Caldwell, moving Public Policy from the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Division to Korbel, will create exciting new pathways in professional education for DU students:

This is a big change, but one that we believe will be of huge potential benefit to our students, by opening the door to synergies and interconnections in the understanding of public policy within a global context. Educationally, an expanded Korbel will be able to offer our policy students unrivaled opportunities to focus their time and talents on acquiring the skillset necessary to compete both nationally and internationally and to succeed at the highest professional levels—in government, in business, and in the non-profit world.

By definition, the field of public policy embraces a multidisciplinary, problem-centered approach to learning and practice. Under the vigorous leadership of Chancellor Rebecca Chopp, the University of Denver is committed to connecting its outstanding professional schools in ways that will "build bridges" and eliminate barriers to effective action, while enhancing the public good.

The unification of the Institute for Public Policy Studies with Korbel is occurring at a transformative moment in DU's history. Integration will encompass a new public policy dynamic, one that will define a clear identity for IPPS in the future, create greater continuity, academic depth and program coherence, and enable IPPS to continue its respected tradition of student-centered learning at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. A great new chapter is about to be written, as IPPS and Korbel combine forces to compete in public policy and global studies with the best schools in the nation.

Your thoughts, ideas, and comments are welcome. Please email Professor Caldwell directly: