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Institute for Public Policy Studies


James Arundel

James Arundel

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     James D. Arundel is a senior partner in the national law firm of Kutak Rock LLP, which has offices throughout the United States and specializes in complex financial transactions.  He was on the Policy Board of the Firm for 29 years, served as the Managing Partner of the Firm’s Denver office for 19 years and was the Vice Chairman of the Firm for most of that period.  He has specialized during his legal career in municipal and public finance, securitizations and other asset-backed structures and tax credit and related financial transactions, and has a particular interest in the federal tax code and related reform proposals.  He has been responsible throughout his career for the representation of numerous national and institutional financial services clients.

Mr. Arundel has been a member of the faculty of the Institute for Public Policy Studies since 2008.  He has been a frequent participant in Great Issue Forums throughout this period and has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses of study, which often emphasize economic and market forces, political history and decision-making processes. He graduated from the University of Chicago Law School in June of 1972 and was a member of its Law Review.



Constitutional Law, with an emphasis on the 1st and 14th Amendments

Realignment and structural changes in the United States and world economies since 2008

Federal Reserve Board policy in the leading industrial countries

The importance and economic dominance of fixed-income bond markets

The relationship of political institutions and economic markets

Political history and decision-making processes

The federal tax code and the need for its substantive reform