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Korbel Latin America Center

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The Josef Korbel School and the Latin America Center offer a diverse set of courses on key topics on the region at the MA level.

For graduate students interested in designing a regional concentration on Latin America, region-specific courses include:

  • INTS 4341: Illicit Markets in Latin America
  • INTS 4386: Transnational Migration in the Americas
  • INTS 4453: Political Economic Development in Latin America
  • INTS 4514: Population, Development and Environment in Latin America
  • INTS 4551: Political Economic Change and Ethnicity in Latin America
  • INTS 4664: Political Economy of Brazil and India
  • INTS 4592: Human Rights and Development in Latin America
  • INTS 4450: Democracy and Militarism in Latin America

All concentrations must be approved by the degree director and the Office of Student Affairs.

In addition, students can incorporate a Latin America focus into the following courses, among others:

  • INTS 4521: International Development in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • INTS 4589: Indigenous Movements and Human Rights
  • INTS 4373: Sustainable Development and the Environment
  • INTS 4379: Gender, Environment, and Development
  • INTS 4181: History of American Diplomacy
  • INTS 4937: Human Rights and the International Refugee System
  • INTS 4987: Contemporary Slavery & Human Trafficking
  • INTS 4363: Discrimination, Minorities, and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • INTS 4501: Comparative Politics: States and Societies in the 21st Century
  • INTS 4566: Globalization and Sustainable Development: The Case of Coffee and Chocolate
  • INTS 4939: Human Rights: Genocide
  • INTS 4941: Human Rights and International Organizations
  • INTS 4936: International Law and Human Rights
  • INTS 4711: Politics of Democracy and Development
  • INTS 4468: Politics of Development
  • INTS 4367: Global Health Affairs
  • INTS 4435: Health and Development
  • INTS 4495: Civil Wars and International Responses
  • INTS 4715: Problems and Challenges of Democratization
  • INTS 4315: Social Movements, Globalization and Human Rights
  • INTS 4590: Civil Society, Democratization and Human Rights
  • INTS 4569: Migration
  • INTS 4628: Comparative Social Movements
  • INTS 4637: Comparative State-Building

Find out more about the above courses by going to the Korbel Portfolio Syllabi page.