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Korbel Latin America Center


Partners in the Local Community

We would like to thank the following organizations for their partnership. Our ongoing collaboration will be a great benefit to the greater Denver community and beyond.

Biennial of the Americas

The organization's feature event is an international festival of ideas, arts and culture hosted in Denver, Colorado on altering years. The next Biennial of the Americas festival will take place from July 14 - July 18, 2015 with events and celebrations continuing through September 7, 2015. 

Centro Humanitario

Centro Humanitario Para Los Trabajadores (El Centro) is Denver’s only day laborer center promoting work, dignity and community.  The mission is to promote the rights and well-being of day laborers in Colorado through education, job skills, leadership development, united action and advocacy .

Museo de las Americas

Museo De Las Americas is dedicated to educating our community through collecting, preserving, interpreting and exhibiting the diverse arts and cultures of the Americas from ancient to contemporary, through innovative exhibitions and programs. 

Denver Justice and Peace Committee

DJPC is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting human rights, economic justice and lasting peace in Latin America through education, solidarity projects and nonviolent activism.

Arctic and Mountain Regions Development Institute (AMRDI)

AMRDI is an independent not-for-profit research institute whose mission is to support the health, well-being and climate change resiliency of global mountain and arctic communities, including those here in Colorado. They achieve their mission by undertaking objective, balanced and relevant research and analysis and communicating their findings to a wide audience. AMRDI has most recently conducted original research into low-wage service work and public health access in Colorado's resort-based economies. 

Interested in partnering with the Korbel Latin America Center or finding out how you can collaborate? Contact us at [email protected].

Latin America Oriented Groups at the University of Denver

Latin American Studies Association

DU Latino Student Alliance 

Latino/a Graduate Association (LGA)

DU Spanish Club

Latino Student Alliance

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity

Faculty of Color Association

Shades of Brown Alliance

Phi Lambda Chi Latina Sorority

National Society of Minorities in Hospitality

Latino Law Students Association

Spanish Speaking Lawyers Association