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Center for Middle East Studies


Center for Middle East Studies

Resources for Students

From Morocco to Jordan, from Oman to Turkey, University of Denver students are more interested in working, studying and travelling in the Middle East than ever before in our school's history. We aim to encourage and support this student interest by providing relevant and timely resources. 

For up to date, reputable news coverage of the ISIS crisis, the most recent Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch report on Syria, or the best academic and journalistic writing on Islam and liberalism, please visit our various resource pages for the most up to date research and resources from around the world. 

For on campus resources, please find on this page an aggregation of organizations with relevant internship opportunities, study abroad opportunities that are external to our school's abroad programs, as well as some of the best academic journals on the Middle East. If you would like a physical copy of any of these journals, please visit our suite in the Sie Complex! 

You can also access our annual presentation on Internship, Study and Travel Opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa here: 


Finally, each quarter we will compile a list of every undergraduate and graduate course being taught on the Middle East across all departments on campus. 

As always, please stay connected with us through social media to find out about our latest events, special travel or internship opportunities, and our most recent publications. To be added to our e-mail list, please e-mail our Program Manager, Gina Jannone, at 

Courses on the Middle East - AUTUMN 2019

All undergraduate courses being taught across the University of Denver campus on the Middle East this upcoming Autumn Quarter:  

Autumn Courses 2019

Graduate courses being taught across the University of Denver campus on the Middle East this Autumn quarter:

Graduate courses autumn 2019

Graduate Student Trip to Israel & the West Bank

Stay tuned for updates on the June 2020 trip.

This trip is open to all Korbel graduate students, and partial funding is available. 

For all information, please visit this page.


Student Funding Opportunities

Liebich Family Fund for Middle East internship Support

Thanks to Don and Marcia Liebich's dedication to making a positive impact and improving their community and the world, a fund has been established to support Korbel MA student internships in the Middle East and North Africa.

This fund will go to students with an un- or under-funded internship based in the region, and awards go up to $2,500. For more information please read this and visit the OCPD portfolio site. 

For questions, please e-mail:


Graduate international internship grant

As part of the RenewDU initiative, the Office of Graduate Education has funding available for Graduate International Internship Grants (GIG). These competitive grants are available to graduate students at the University of Denver who meet certain application criteria. Click here for more. 



The Graduate Certificate in Religion and International Affairs provides students pursuing MA degrees in the Department of Religious Studies (AHSS) or the Josef Korbel School of International Studies with the opportunity to enhance their home program of study with specific expertise in the scholarly and professional field of religion and international affairs. This certificate program emphasizes scholarly and practitioner approaches to understanding the intersections between religion and international affairs in the modern world, providing students with an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary case studies as well as theoretical issues. Graduate Certificate in Religion and International Affairs Fact Sheet


Nader Hashemi – Director, Center for Middle East Studies, Associate Professor, Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Andrea L. Stanton – Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Interested students from the Religious Studies or the Korbel School of International Studies MA programs will submit an application consisting of a

*500-word personal statement


*undergraduate and graduate transcripts (unofficial are fine)

Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of Religious Studies and International Studies faculty. Enrollment is limited and competitive.

Final applications for students starting this certificate in 2016-17 will be due Thursday, December 1, 2016.

For more information, visit this page.  
The first step for any student interested in working overseas or domestically is to identify suitable employers. To help start that process, CMES has compiled an extensive--but by no means comprehensive--list of organizations that offer competitive internships, both throughout the academic year and in the summer. We hope you find it useful.

For our full power point presentation on internship and study opportunities, click here: 
We are also thrilled to announce the Liebich Family Fund for Middle East Internship Support. Please follow up with Heather Rutherford at the Office of Career & Professional Development for information on this internship fund. 
For additional resources and assistance, please contact the Office of Career & Professional Development at the Josef Korbel School.

Institute for the Study of War 

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) is seeking undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students for a variety of internship openings. 

From their internship page: "Why work for ISW: ISW believes ground realities must drive the formulation of strategy and policy. In pursuit of this principle, ISW conducts detailed, open-source intelligence analysis to provide the most accurate information on current conflicts and security threats. We offer interns a chance to train on work with cutting-edge technologies employed in business and in the intelligence community. Interns at ISW will have an unparalleled opportunity to conduct research that directly informs policy-makers on some of the most pressing issues facing American national security. Our interns work directly with analysts and have many opportunities to engage with Institute leadership on the subjects of their research. ISW offers its interns to be at the front lines of military research and policy, tackling the issues that are in the headlines. ISW has published the work of its interns and hired many onto its staff." 

Link to open positions here. 

international Organizations

NGO’s and Non-Profits

Middle East Internships in Washington, DC

Study Abroad

There is no shortage of opportunities for the study of Middle Eastern languages, culture, and politics both overseas and in the United States. Here, we provide a listing of the top programs available to students broken down into Area Studies, Arabic, Turkish, Persian (Farsi), and Hebrew. Whether summer, semester, or year-long, each program is designed with one thing in mind: to enrich the lives of students through study of this region. We hope you will take advantage of them!

non-language area studies

PalesTime - Summer in Palestine

Beirut Exchange - Short Term Trips 


AMIDEAST - Egypt, Jordan, Morocco

Arabic Language Immersion Institute, University of Wisconsin - USA

Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF) - Morocco

Arabic School, Middlebury Language Schools - USA

Center for Arabic Study Abroad, Harvard University - Jordan

Center for Cross-Cultural Learning (Rabat, Morocco)

Center for International Learning – Oman (Muscat) 

CIEE Summer, Semester, & Year-long Programs - Jordan, Morocco

Critical Language Scholarship Program - Jordan, Morocco, Oman

Institute for Intensive Arabic Language and Culture at the Lebanese American University (Beirut)

Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies - Morocco

Qasid Arabic Institute - Jordan

SWSEEL Summer Language Workshop, Indiana University - USA

Yemen College of Middle East Studies (Sana'a)


Hebrew and Israeli Culture Program, Hebrew University - Israel

Intensive Hebrew Study Program (Ulpan), Ben Gurion University - Israel

Brandeis University-Middlebury School of Hebrew - USA


Critical Language Scholarship Program - Tajikistan

Persian Language Immersion Institute, University of Wisconsin - USA

Persian Summer Language Institute, University of Texas - USA

SWSEEL Summer Language Workshop, University of Indiana - USA


Critical Language Scholarship Program - Turkey

SWSEEL Summer Language Workshop, University of Indiana - USA

Turkish Language & Culture Program, Boğaziçi University - Turkey

Turkish Language Immersion Institute, University of Wisconsin - USA



Research Journal

Below you will find links to, and descriptions of, the best scholarly journals published on subjects relating to the history, politics, and culture of the Middle East and broader Islamic world. 

Note: Access to journal articles is available only when using the DU network. Library permissions will not be granted otherwise. For physical copies, please visit our suite in the Sie Complex!

Middle east politics & policy

Middle East Policy
A journal dedicated to the study and analysis of contemporary Middle Eastern politics with a heavy emphasis on its relation to U.S. foreign policy. Strong current events focus.

The Middle East Journal
A journal focused on political and economic development in the Middle East and the implications for Western policy. Strong current events focused.

Middle East Research & Information Project (MERIP)
Policy and current event analysis geared towards the media and general public. Focused on non-specialist consumption and generating public awareness.

Middle east history

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
Journal of the British Society of Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES). Strong emphasis on modern cultural, religious, intellectual, and political history.

International Journal of Middle East Studies
The journal of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA). Arguably the most prominent journal in the field. Heavy emphasis on cultural, religious, intellectual, and political history from the modern period.

Journal of North African Studies
The journal of the American Institute of Maghrib Studies. Primarily focused on the modern history of North Africa, frequently publishes pre-modern historical research.

Middle East Critique
Critical examination of contemporary Middle Eastern political, economic, social, and cultural history.

Middle Eastern Studies
Journal of modern historical research with an emphasis on political, economic, and military history.

Area studies

Arab Studies Journal
Journal focusing on the modern histories of Arab societies.

Contemporary Arab Affairs
Focused on contemporary social, economic, and political/policy affairs within the Arab world.

Iranian Studies
Journal focused on the modern history of the Persianate world (Iran, Central Asia, Northern India, and the Caucuses), with particular emphasis on Iranian society and politics.

Israel Affairs
Focused primarily on contemporary Israeli politics and policy

Turkish Studies
Focused on post-Ottoman Turkish political, social, and economic history, in addition to contemporary policy debates.