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Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Josef Korbel School students working abroad

Masters Programs

Master of Arts Program in International Development

Josef Korbel School students working abroadThe MA in International Development focuses on development theory, policy analysis, politics of institutions, relevant research and management skills. The program reflects an approach to development that emphasizes not only economic issues, but also the importance and interrelatedness of sustainable economic and human development, human rights, distributive justice and environmental sustainability. In many courses in the international development curriculum, students focus on linkages among scalar levels-from the most macro-level international institutions and initiatives to the most micro-level agendas and actions taken by communities, firms, families and individuals.

The program also emphasizes the diversity of needs, desires, opportunities and constraints that are experienced by individuals of differing socioeconomic classes, ethnicities and genders, as well as differences among nations and regions. Students are encouraged to understand and address the many power differentials that profoundly influence processes central to sustainable development.

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