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Josef Korbel School of International Studies

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Masters Programs

Master of Arts Program in International Human Rights

Josef Korbel School students working abroadThe MA in International Human Rights provides students with the opportunity to explore issues of human dignity while critically examining the norms, historical processes, social movements, strategies and institutions designed to promote and protect human rights in our globalizing world. The program is pioneering and unique among its peers for interdisciplinary, rigor and flexibility. It links human rights to law, security, gender studies, migration issues, economic development, health, security, human trafficking, humanitarian assistance, geographic areas, and other related themes. It emphasizes both theory and practice.

For practical experience, students are offered skills courses, educational trips internships and opportunities for fieldwork in the U.S. and around the world. Through research centers, guest lectures, conferences and film series, students participate in a wide range of human rights research and advocacy projects. Graduates typically seek and obtain positions in international nonprofits, international human rights advocacy organizations, international aid agencies, governmental and intergovernmental organizations, business sector, the human rights legal profession and academia.

The International Human Rights Program features leading professors and experts in human rights and from an interdisciplinary background. They include Dr. Marie Berry, Professor Jack Donnelly, Claude D’Estree, JD; Tom Farer, University Professor; Professor Alan Gilbert; Dr. Nader Hashemi; Dr. Sandy Johnson, Dr. Oliver Kaplan, Professor Haider Kahn, Dr. Rebecca Galemba, Dr. David Goldfischer, Dr. Singumbe Muyeba, Professor Ved Nanda, and Chen Reiss, JD.

Director: Claude D'Estree
Director: Professor Micheline Ishay (effective July 1, 2019)

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