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Josef Korbel School of International StudiesSié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security & Diplomacy

Sie Center

About the Sié Center

Message from the Director

We live in complicated times. Armed conflict is once again on the rise. Global recession has given way to rapid growth, but economic benefits are shared unevenly. The global economic system that facilitated this growth is under attack. Violent extremism is on the rise in the United States and abroad, even as nonviolent movements for social change gain traction. At the same time women increasingly find themselves in leadership positions in and out of government, their rights are under attack.

At the Sié Center, we confront these trends with a steadfast commitment to understanding and addressing the world's most pressing policy challenges. We are a group of engaged scholars who believe academic research should be useful to society, and inform (and be informed by) policy practitioners ranging from the highest levels of government to grassroots organizers and all in between. Our award-winning faculty are experts in security issues like climate change, autonomous weapons systems, and NATO enlargement, but also the role of civil society and private firms in global governance. 

Our approach—making cutting-edge research legible and useful to practitioner communities and the general public—has helped us attract internationally recognized scholars, generous external funding, and our remarkable Sié Fellows. By involving these students in our research, cultivating relationships with policy and thought leaders, and bringing top-level discussions to the Front Range, we work to elevate our school and community.

In tumultuous times, we seek not simply to defend the old order but to craft a better one: one built on nonviolent approaches to social change, inclusive approaches to post-conflict governance and peace, and on reforming international economic and security institutions and practices in ways that make the rhetoric of broad, inclusive peace and prosperity into reality. This is the world our group of engaged scholars seeks to achieve.

Cullen Hendrix, Associate Professor and Director of the Sié Center, Josef Korbel School of International Studies