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Josef Korbel School of International StudiesSié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security & Diplomacy

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Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative

The Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative (IGLI) at the Sié Center initiates research, education, and programming centered on the goal of highlighting the role that women and other underrepresented groups play in leading movements related to the advancement of peace and security across the world.

IGLI has three core components: (1) cutting-edge empirical research on whether and how the inclusion of women and other underrepresented groups shapes global efforts related to promoting peace and security; (2) academic programs for University of Denver students and the broader Denver community related to inclusivity, peace, and security, including a speakers series and a practitioners-in-residence program; and (3) the annual Inclusive Global Leadership Institute, which will bring women and other marginalized people actively working on the frontlines to promote peace, human rights, and security in countries across the globe (including the U.S.), to the University of Denver for training and dialogue on how best to wage strategic non-violent movements in the current global political climate.


The Micro-Mobilization (MicroMob) Research Project is IGLI's flagship research endeavor. MicroMob harnesses the power of participant photos from mass protest events to better analyze the gendered dynamics of the protests themselves. The MicroMob dataset, once constructed, will identify the percentage of women present in mass protest events on a day-by-day basis during the duration of protest campaigns. The data will cover 33 mass protest campaigns from around the world since 2010, including the 2011 mass mobilization of Egyptians in Tahrir Square, the 2014 EuroMaidan protests in Ukraine, and the ongoing mass mobilization in Burundi. Learn more about the MicroMob Research Project.

Speaker Series

The IGLI speaker series brings speakers and practitioners-in-residence to the University of Denver as part of an effort to convene conversations that catalyze inclusive leadership related to global peace and security. These guests conduct innovative programming that actively includes members of the broader community in Denver and beyond.

Self-Defense, De-Escalation, and Healing Space: A Workshop with IGLI Alumna Rana Abdelhamid

November 9, 2018 

The Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative (IGLI) at the Sié Center was pleased to invite the DU Community to join IGLI alumna Rana Abdelhamid for a dynamic self-defense, de-escalation, and healing space workshop.

Rana is the founder of MALIKAH, a global collective of women committed to building security and power for ourselves and our communities. Over the past eight years, MALIKAH has conducted healing spaces and trained over 3,000 women in self-defense, economic empowerment, and organizing. MALIKAH believes that it is our human right to exist in the world free from all forms of violence, providing women and non-binary folks with skills to de-escalate violent situations.

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Book Talk: War, Women, and Power with Marie Berry 

April 10, 2018 

This talk and panel convened experts in the field of gender, peace, and security to discuss the themes in Marie Berry's book - War, Women, and Power: From Violence to Mobilization in Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina. This panel featured Yolande Bouka, Erica Chenoweth, Milli Lake, and Zoe Marks. The introduction was by Josef Korbel School Acting Dean Pardis Mahdavi. 

IGLI Institute

The IGLI Summer Institute convenes women activists from around the world (including the U.S.) who are involved in civil resistance campaigns to promote peace, human rights, and freedom. Over the course of the workshop, activists have the chance to meet each other, share stories about their particular struggles and successes, and receive advanced training on best strategies and tactics from some of the world's leading experts on nonviolent civil resistance campaigns. Learn more about the IGLI Institute.

Project Team

IGLI is directed by Professor Marie Berry, and was co-founded by Erica Chenoweth (Harvard Kennedy School).

A number of graduate students compile research for the MicroMob research project. Learn more about the about the MicroMob project team.

Project Partners

IGLI has received support from:

Contact [email protected] for information about investing in the initiative.