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Josef Korbel School of International StudiesSié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security & Diplomacy

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Rigor, Relevance, and Responsibility

Academics in the field of international relations find themselves in a difficult moment. Many face mounting pressure and inducements to engage with policymakers and in the policy process, and many are working to facilitate constructive academic-policy engagement. Yet, academics receive little training about the ethical considerations these activities engender.

This program, titled "Rigor, Relevance, and Responsibility," is designed to make ethical considerations an integral part of policy-relevant research and engagement. The program develops knowledge around, and informs the practice of, responsible engagement so that future generations of academics can engage in the policy world with confidence and clarity.

Project Partners

For this program, the Sié Center will partner with two institutions—the Global Research Institute at the College of William & Mary and the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs—and a number of scholars from other institutions.

The program is funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York as part of its "Rigor and Relevance Initiative" aimed at improving the transfer of research and expertise between higher education and the policy world in the area of global affairs.

Research Team

  • Deborah Avant, Professor and Sié Chéou-Kang Chair for International Security and Diplomacy
  • Marie Berry, Assistant Professor 
  • George DeMartino, Professor
  • Rachel Epstein, Professor 
  • Cullen Hendrix, Associate Professor and Director of the Sié Chéou-Kang Center
  • Jill Hereau, Executive Director of the Sié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security and Diplomacy
  • Oliver Kaplan, Associate Professor
  • Julia Macdonald, Assistant Professor 
  • Tricia Olsen, Associate Professor
  • Timothy Sisk, Professor