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Josef Korbel School of International StudiesSié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security & Diplomacy

Religion Project


Religion and Social Cohesion in Conflict-Affected Countries

The project on Religion and Social Cohesion in Conflict-affected Countries is a two-year research and policy-dialogue initiative that compares how international peacemakers and development aid providers engage religious communities and institutions in efforts to foster social cohesion across six conflict-affected countries: Guatemala, Kenya, Lebanon, Nepal, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka. Through field research conducted by teams of international and local scholars, the project addresses two key questions:

  • How do various international development actors seek to promote, directly and indirectly, social cohesion in conflict-affected countries?
  • Under what conditions do externally sponsored initiatives lay the foundation for social cohesion in deeply divided societies, and under what conditions do they reinforce or even catalyze social divisions that negatively affect peacebuilding and development objectives?

Project Sponsors

The Project is funded by the Henry R. Luce Initiative on Religion and International Affairs.

Project Team

  • Timothy D. Sisk, Co-Principal Investigator and Professor, Josef Korbel School of International Studies
  • Fletcher Cox, Co-Principal Investigator and PhD Candidate, Josef Korbel School of International Studies
  • Catherine Orsborn, Program Associate

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