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Latino Center for Community Engagement and Scholarship


Faculty and Graduate Student Grants

DULCCES offers grant opportunities for faculty and graduate students. Please see our grant application for more information. If your have questions, please email us here

Policy and research

It is with great pride that DULCCES participated in an important and timely community dialogue to create Agenda Latina. This work revealed that when schools fail our children, these failed students may become the "working poor" for most of their lives. They or their family members will likely have less access to the healthcare system, which may be unaffordable to them because they have to make a choice between health and food. Each issue, whether it is political engagement, immigration, or education, when coupled with other equally important issues, paints a portrait of the real, lived experiences of our community as we struggle to have our part of the American dream. It is our hope that Agenda Latina is a vehicle that advances our collective American Dream. For more information on this research please click here