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Pioneer Leadership Program

Pioneer Leadership Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my PLP application/admittance different from my DU application/ admittance?

Yes. Your PLP application and acceptance is separate from your application to the University of Denver.  Do not send your PLP application to the Office of Admission. To apply for the PLP program, please submit the online application form.

Your DU and PLP application timelines do not need to coincide directly. For example, if you applied by Early Action to DU, you can either apply to PLP by the Priority Application Deadline or the Final Application Deadline. We consider both application deadlines with equal weight. 

Can I apply before I have been accepted to the University of Denver?

YES! However, your acceptance to PLP is contingent on your acceptance to the University.

Can you explain PLP housing?

One of the great benefits to being in PLP is living on the floor. You will make long-term friendships and connections that will last beyond the walls of DU. All first-year PLP students live on the first floor of Johnson-McFarlane Residence Halls (we affectionately call it JMAC). Once you have been accepted to PLP, you will be sent a contract that requires completion and return. At the same time, you will need to apply for housing through Housing and Residential Education (HRE), as detailed in your DU acceptance packet. You are required to live on the PLP floor to be in the program.  

Can I be in PLP if I am a commuter student?

We have had a few students in the past participate in PLP as commuter students and be successful. Because of the on-campus community nature of our program, we do consider commuter student applications and evaluate these applications on a case-by-case basis. Please let us know after you submit your application that intend on being a commuter student.

Can I be in PLP and the Honors Program?

Many of our students are successful in both PLP and the Honors Program.  However, to be in PLP, you must live on the PLP floor.

Can I be in PLP and a Living and Learning Community (LLC)?

You cannot be part of both PLP and an LLC.  Since they both require you to live on the respective floor, you may not participate in both.  You may, however, apply to PLP and all 5 LLCs.  If you are accepted into all 6 programs, you get to choose one to accept and participate.

How do you communicate with students, via the post or email?

We try to do all our communication via email. Please be prepared to communicate in this format.

What's the difference between the Priority vs. the Final Application Deadline?

The primary benefit to the Priority Application Deadline is to know of your PLP application decision status sooner.  We consider Priority Applicants and Final Applicants with equal weight.  You are encouraged to apply earlier with the Priority Deadline, but if the date has passed, we encourage you to apply by the Final Application Deadline.  

Do you offer Scholarships?

PLP does not currently offer financial assistance for incoming students. However, scholarships are available starting in a student's second year in the program. There are approximately 20 available scholarships through the program between the amounts of $1500 and $2500. The number of scholarships and their amounts are subject to change on an annual basis. Depending on the scholarship, it can last one, two or three years.

Can international students apply to PLP?

Yes! International students are encouraged to apply. However, non-native English speakers' acceptance to PLP is contingent upon passing the University of Denver’s English Proficiency Exam when you arrive on campus.