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Pioneer Leadership Program

Pioneer Leadership Program


Passport for Leadership Development Fund

photo of Kathrn, Study Abroad in Eastern Mongolia

Kathryn Middle-Katzenmeyer ('16), Study Abroad - Eastern Mongolia

The Passport Fund was created with the intent to provide students with the chance to further their leadership development through conferences, internships, and community engagement opportunities both here and abroad. The ultimate goal is to provide every student in the Pioneer Leadership Program with at least $500. At this time, we are distributing $15,000 annually to support this growing initiative over the next 5 years. Students apply for the funding and then donors of the Pioneer Leadership Program vote on what student projects are actually funded. This happens on a biannual basis, in February and September. Since the inception in 2015, we have awarded $9,500 to 13 student projects.

You can check out some of the funded projects on our blog. Click here to read about what our students are using their Passport Funds to achieve!



Hear more about the Passport Fund and its impact in the video below!