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Pioneer Leadership Program

Pioneer Leadership Program

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Get all the forms and documents you need as a PLP program participant.  If you need a service hours documentation form, information about internships for credit, or PLP sample elective classes, you can find it here.

Be sure to check your email for updates on upcoming and required events. There is also a schedule on the What's Happening tab. 

If you need anything not found here, do not hesitate to contact any PLP faculty or staff members.

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Student Profile

Student profile: Brayton Briggs Brayton Briggs

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
International Business
Year: Class of 2018

Why is PLP such an importance experience in your life?
PLP has meant so much to me during my time at DU. From the very first day, the community was so warm and welcoming. It made the graduating process from High School to College that much easier. With that being said, the classes I have taken and the students I have met have done nothing but show me many great leadership strategies and tactics that I a take with me into the future.

Leadership Minor

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PLP Serve to Lead/Lead to Serve

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