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Pioneer Leadership Program

Pioneer Leadership Program



photo of PLPers @ El Pomar Retreat

PLPers @ El Pomar Retreat

"PLP has opened up the future for many of us in one way or the other.  By implementing a multi-faceted curriculum in, out, and beyond the program, we are able to pull from each others' skills and passions.  Through learning the fundamentals of leadership and applying them into community change initiatives, a larger world has been opened to us.  Putting the best of the best on campus together in residence hall living and in the leadership classroom is guaranteed to produce results." --Jessica Hunter, PLP student

The Pioneer Leadership Program (PLP) at the University of Denver promotes strong leadership through intellectual engagement, personal development opportunities, and engaged service in the community.  The program combines an academic minor in Leadership Studies and a first year living and learning component, allowing students to share residential and academic experiences.

"PLP has opened doors to my future through partnerships with the leaders both students and professionals throughout the Denver community." --Jason Lundberg, PLP student

Students in the Pioneer Leadership Program earn a minor in Leadership Studies.  This immersion in leadership training and experiences provides students with a broad preparation for their careers and lives after graduation.  The program advances students understanding of themselves as leaders and followers, relevant leadership theory and research, skills and competencies that support leadership effectiveness, a more fully developed code of personal and organizational ethics, and an enhanced sense of social responsibility and citizenship.

Community Partners

  • A Little Help
  • VSA Colorado/Access Gallery
  • Asbury Elementary School
  • Cafe 180
  • Children's Hospital
  • Denver Urban Debate League 
  • Dumb Friends League
  • The Gathering Place
  • Girls Inc. of Metro Denver
  • Kavod Senior Living
  • Metro Caring
  • Metro D.N.A
  • Reading Partners
  • South High School: The Future Center
  • Project C.U.R.E.
  • Project Helping
  • Swedish Medical Center

Leadership Partners

  • Boettcher Foundation
  • Colorado Leadership Alliance
  • C. Charles Jackson Foundation
  • Daniels Fund
  • El Pomar Foundation


photo of PLP students and alumni

PLP Students and Alumni

DU's Pioneer Leadership Program is a proud member of the Colorado Leadership Alliance (CLA).  CLA is a member of the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation's family of esteemed leadership programs.

Throughout the year, many CLA-sponsored events allow the collaboration of both students and program directors from each member campus as they share resources, efforts and ideas, as well as foster professional and personal connections. The El Pomar Leadership Summit, held annually by the El Pomar Foundation and facilitated by CLA, brings renowned leaders to speak and interact with students, directors, and friends of CLA during a unique two-day conference.

Another much-anticipated yearly event is the CLA Luncheon. The luncheon honors excellence in leadership through the presentation of the 9NEWS Leader of the Year Award, as well as the recognition of some of CLA's most exceptional student leaders.

CLA unites the comprehensive undergraduate leadership training programs of the following institutions: Colorado State University-Ft. Collins, Colorado State University-Pueblo, Johnson & Wales University, the United States Air Force Academy, University of Colorado-Boulder, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, University of Colorado-Denver, University of Denver, University of Northern Colorado and Regis University.

*taken from the DMCLF website