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Pioneer Leadership Program

Pioneer Leadership Program

Pioneer Leadership Program

What's Happening

Spring 2020 Events

Click here to check out virtual opportunities to connect with your PLP community.


PLP Connector Program

The PLP Connector Program has always been a great way for alumni to help current students learn about their field of interest.

Graduating Seniors and Juniors, click here to sign up for our PLP Connector Program.

Alumni, click here to sign up. 


Follow Our Passport Scholarship Recipients

PLPers are constantly seeking out additional ways to engage themselves in the greater campus, local, and global communities. One way our students do that is through the Passport Fund. These funds enable our students to pursue projects and endeavors that they demonstrate a desire to learn more about. You can stay up to date with what they are doing by following our blog!


Past Events

2019 Alumni Panel 

alum panel 19

We are lucky enough to have wonderful alumni who are dedicated to helping PLPers take on major leadership roles in the greater Denver community as well as nationally and internationally. As part of our speaker series, we invite alumni to come back and share their experiences with our current students. This past February we were thrilled to host Jaser Alsharhan - '16, Manoj Bandreddi - '16, Brian Cerkvenik - '02, Kristi Curry - '97, Kristen Ham - '10, and Monica Revare - '09. Our current PLPers were so grateful to hear the insights and perspectives of those who have come before them. Thanks to all of our alumni for being such an integral part of the current student experience! 

Throwback to J-MAC! 

PLP Celebrates 20 Years

Scholars Board put on a Throwback to J-MAC - PLP edition, where current students could celebrate and reminisce with their cohort about all the memories they made in J-MAC! It was a great opportunity for students to connect with PLPers from other classes and bond over their favorite J-MAC activities!