Advancing Arts and Technology

The Joseph and Loretta Law Institute for Arts and Technology (LIAT) fuses art, technology and cultural diversity to create performance experiences that push past the barrier of expectation. Synergizing emerging technologies and cultural traditions, LIAT pursues breakthroughs in interactive entertainment that open new doors for artistic exploration and technical innovation.

A hub for research and education in multimedia performances, LIAT supports the next generations of artists and creators, hosting events and competitions that merge global cultural awareness with the emotional intelligence of the arts to make a lasting impact.

Joseph and Loretta Law

The Origins of the Law Institute

In the face of adversity and heartbreak, Joseph and Loretta Law persevered, finding opportunity and optimism. They instilled their values onto their son, Dr. Dennis Law, founder of the Law Institute. After receiving a degree in medicine, Dr. Law later embraced the innovations made possible through the blending of art and entertainment technology.

Dr. Law established the Law Institute to honor his parents and pursue artistic creations that broaden the scope of entertainment and intellectual content. The Institute works to bolster cultural diversity in work and life and enrich the mosaic of artistry for the betterment of all.

About the Law Institute

A Transformative Gift for the Arts

Learn about the impact the Law Institute will have on the arts at DU and the Denver community.

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