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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor

Courses associated with the Innovation & Entrepreneurship LLC can be applied to elective credits for the EntrepreneurshipMinor. For more information, please visit the Entrepreneurship Minor website as well as the DU Undergraduate Bulletin. 

Minor Requirement for Business Majors: 20 credit hours
Minor Requirement for Non-Business Majors: 24 credit hours

Minor Description

The university-wide entrepreneurship minor at Daniels focuses on action, decision-making, experimentation, and hypothesis testing in the face of an uncertain future within a business context. Students who complete the entrepreneurship minor will understand how to shape the business, economic, political, and social context along with the creation of their products or services. To help students understand how to start successful businesses or to innovate within existing businesses, the entrepreneurship minor offers courses from several different perspectives such as financial, legal, marketing, and leadership.