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Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Letter to Accepted DU Students

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Welcome Future Pioneer! 

Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Denver! We hope you decide to join our incoming class of 2021.  As you begin this exciting journey, I want to encourage you to participate in one of the University’s Living and Learning Communities (LLCs). Our LLCs will empower you to make the most of your first year here at DU through a program than combines academics, residential life, guest speakers, team-building activities, and community engagement.

I believe you would be an excellent fit for the Creativity and Entrepreneurship LLC (CELLC). By participating in the CELLC, you will join 34 other students living together on the same floor in Centennial Halls. On this floor you will feel an immediate sense of community, as you will be living with peers who share your same curiosity and passion for innovation, startups, and tackling social problems. Together, your group of 35 will take a two-credit course each quarter of your first year, diving deeper into these important themes and topics. Areas of focus will include design thinking (brainstorming, prototyping, testing, iterating), business skills (pitching, planning, testing, presenting, marketing), team-building/work, cases studies of traditional business and social enterprises, and significant self-strength/awareness and growth through exercises, readings, inventories, and reflection. Learning will be facilitated by a combination of reading, reflection, presenting, interviewing, guest lectures, field trips, and project implementation.

You will not only learn together in the classroom, but will have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular programming unique to your LLC as well. As your CELLC Program Coordinator, I have already begun planning some exciting programming for the year ahead. Our program will begin with a CELLC Fall Retreat in Jamestown, CO. During this two-day retreat we will build upon the special bond within our community and enjoy a relaxing time in the mountains. You will also participate in regular CELLC programming, including a field trip to visit Sazza, an organic food restaurant focused on promoting environmental sustainability, and a trip to South Pearl Street to visit socially conscious businesses.

The CELLC is an outstanding opportunity to develop your passion and knowledge around the themes of creativity and (social) entrepreneurship. I encourage you to apply to the CELLC, or one of our four other Living and Learning Communities: Social Justice, Wellness, Environmental Sustainability, or International.

For additional information about any of the LLCs please email me directly at We look forward to seeing you on campus in the fall!

Sincerely, apply

Audrey Moreno
Assistant Director
Program Coordinator, Creativity and Entrepreneurship LLC